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New Rights for Fitness Casuals

I’m very pleased to present another guest post by Alex Martin of Taurus Legal Management (his previous article was on ‘The Basics of Restraint of Trade‘). In this post, Alex clarifies the new rights available to fitness casuals as well as each employer’s requirement to notify them of these rights. You’ll also find a link to share the ruling and the compliance date. Thank you, Alex…

On 1 October 2018 a Fair Work Commission Ruling came into force under the Fitness Industry Award 2010. This ruling directly impacts all casual fitness staff.

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The Basics on Restraint of Trade


I’ve heard a few horror stories of Trainers leaving an employer and taking a number of clients with them. It’s always a financial hit to the employer and on more than one occasion has threatened the future of the business. This guest post by Alex Martin of Taurus Legal Management, gives us a better understanding of how Restraint of Trade works for both employers and professionals…

Employment contracts can stop Trainers from contacting clients after they have resigned. Continue reading