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Making Social Media Work for Your Fitness Business.


Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Are you interested in generating leads and increasing conversions? Would you like to increase loyalty with clients? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ll be interested in Michelle Le Grand’s upcoming FILEX session, ‘Let’s get your social media in better shape‘. To learn more, I’ll hand over to Michelle… Continue reading

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Sharpen Your Social Media Strategy


Welcome to another of our FILEX guest post editions

Labelled the world’s first ‘comfort zone challenger’, Justin Tamsett is the CEO of Active Management and the facilitator of the Roundtables in Australia. He’s made it a mission to help fitness businesses and Trainers achieve the success they’re looking for. In this post JT shows you how to truly use Facebook to best effect.

Facebook is a platform designed for people to find out what their friends are reading, wearing, doing, eating, listening to, what causes they value, where they are going and more!

And yet fitness centres, gyms, health clubs and personal trainers see the platform for selling their services. Continue reading

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You are what you post.


I’ve said this many times, if you’re applying for jobs…

Employers are checking out your social media presence (especially Facebook) before they bother calling your references.

If you’re not locking down your social accounts, you need to be sure that what you post (and what others post about you) reflects the way you wish to be seen.

The following post was on the profile of a candidate applying for jobs with one of our clients (censoring mine). Continue reading

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6 Reasons the Employer Didn’t Call.


You’ve spotted a brilliant-looking job online. Great location, great salary, interesting role. You send your CV knowing that you’re the best candidate for the role then, a week goes by. Two weeks. Three weeks. You never hear back*. Rest assured, this is not uncommon, so here’s six possible reasons to explain why you didn’t make the cut… Continue reading

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Employers, Get More From Job Ads With the HealthyPeople Feed

The HealthyPeople Feed is designed to breathe life into your job ad for the month it’s listed. Check this short video to learn more.

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Employers, This is the Worst (Fixable) Thing About Applying for Your Job


When talking with job applicants about the job application process, there is one frustration that comes up again and again…. Continue reading

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The True Value in Posting Job Ads to Social Media


Recruiting information doesn’t often feature on the social media timelines for fitness businesses. Which is a shame. I believe it’s an opportunity to personalise your business, connect with your community (including staff and clients), showcase the work you do and demonstrate the care with which you do it. Continue reading

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A Simple Trick for Increasing the Reach of Your Job Ad


We ‘list’, or ‘advertise’, all jobs on HealthyPeople and Seek.

We ’email’ to our database.

We ‘post’ to social media.

To be clear, we don’t ‘advertise’ on social media. Continue reading

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Get on the Good Foot With Social Media


I’ve spoken in the past about keeping your social networks in order. Legal or otherwise, employers are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to learn more about job applicants.

But tidying things up is a defensive move, this article is about going on the offensive with your social media. Hold tight, because I’m about to give you a simple but effective strategy to ensure your best foot is always forward. Continue reading