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For a More Profitable Fitness Business, Get it Ready to Sell.

In the early days of my business, I was advised to get it ready to sell. Specifically, to ensure optimal systems and processes were in place because, even if not selling, it would make my business a more profitable venture.

In a recent conversation with Cameron Prosser, Australia’s leading fitness business sales specialist with BF Brokers, I was inspired to put the question to him as to what makes a business more valuable when selling (and more profitable to operate). I’m very pleased to say he’s delivered some GOLD! 

Whether you’re a one-person Training business or own multiple clubs, there is information in this post that will put money in your pocket. Enjoy.

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Expert Tips for Outdoor Training


Anyone can train a client outdoors, but it takes a smart Trainer to do it properly!

I asked two leading business owners (Summer Nelson of MyTrainer and Stephanie Lee of Alive PT) who regularly train clients outdoors for their TOP THREE TIPS for a successful Outdoor Personal Training business.

UPDATE 14/05/15: I’m very pleased to have been able to add a contribution from Jodie Arnot of Healthy Balance Fitness.  Please scroll down for her top three tips. 

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