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Eight Steps to the Ultimate Sales Funnel


This is a guest post by the irrepressible Jenni McFaull of GymSales. If you’re a Personal Trainer or Club Owner/Manager, here’s a few points on getting more traction with your sales.

Many people ask me what is the best process to get the greatest traction from sales, including how often should we contact a prospect and when. Following is my advice: Continue reading

Articles for Employers, Articles for Professionals, Businesses, People

My Create PT Wealth experience


I spent two days last week as a guest of Brad and Jason at their Create PT Wealth Business Building Bootcamp. I can save you reading this entire post by saying; Continue reading

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6 Selling Tips to make your Fitness Business BOOM! (part 1)

Welcome to the first of our FILEX guest post editions

Many industry people will be familiar with Steve Jensen, founder and CEO of Impact Training Corporation and National Sales Academy. He’s helped boost profits for thousands of fitness businesses in Australia and around the world. In this two-part blog, Steve shines a light on six ‘essentials’ for sales success. 

Selling is a learned skill that can be improved with constant practice.

It’s the lifeblood of any business and a well trained sales team will make a MASSIVE difference to any bottom line. Here are my six tips for maximising sales within your fitness business… Continue reading