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Making Work Experience Work for RTOs, Employers and Students.


An example of the new work experience profiles on HealthyPeople. Note ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ on the ribbon at top right, ‘Student’ near the name and the RTO logo next to the job categories. Note also the link to the student’s FITREC Student Profile.

In a recent post about how changes to fitness education will impact on recruitment, one of the key recommendations was that employers embrace the opportunity to take on work experience students.

HealthyPeople has since been modified to make it easier for students looking for work experience to find willing employers and for employers to tap into new local talent. Continue reading

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It’s Like Dropping Your CV in to 100 Employers at Once.

Less than nine seconds is all it takes to request promotion to all employers in your area. This short video shows, in real time, how easy this is.

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