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Job Searching During the Holidays – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It.


Don’t believe people who say that no one hires in December.

While it’s true that some searches slow down or get put on hold, plenty of hiring still happens around the holidays. In fact, some hiring managers are scrambling to fill positions before the new year or want someone to start soon after January 1 (we have many of them). There are plenty of searches still going on, with candidates being interviewed and offers being made. Continue reading

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Decades Old, Another Industry But These Job Application Tips are Solid!


Ogilvy on Advertising‘ is essential reading for anyone in the advertising industry. What’s that? How has a book on advertising made it into a fitness industry recruitment blog? Beyond its timeless lessons on advertising, there is a small but excellent section on applying for jobs. And despite being more than 30 years old and from another industry, David Ogilvy’s lessons on applying for jobs remain as relevant as ever.  Continue reading

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Work Hard, Train Hard, Play Hard… But Not So Hard You Get Fired


We all enjoy a good Christmas party but they can be a trap for new players.

You don’t want to find yourself doing things you’ll regret for years to come. At best you may be embarrassed. At worst, it could cost you respect, your job, clients and/or your partner. Continue reading

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