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New Feature: “Do You Think You’ll Apply?”

When viewing a job ad on HealthyPeople, you will now see, after a 5-second delay, a pop-up that asks “Do you think you’ll apply?” with the option to click a thumb up or a thumb down. If desired, you can also indicate what they like or don’t like about the role.

All votes for or against an ad are anonymous, as are any comments. You’re also welcome to leave an email address and we’ll get back to you.

Why bother voting and/or commenting?

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Employers; Give it the Personal Touch for Better Results!


This post is designed to provide our recruiting employers with insight as to how to best approach the use of our local candidate database. We’ve recently updated this (July 2018) to include insights from Seek on approaching ‘passive’ candidates.

When tapping directly into the HealthyPeople database, don’t spray the details of your available role to everyone that looks remotely suitable. We can do this for you, much more effectively, with a job ad.

Instead, use your access to candidates to do what we can’t – connect with an individual about the nature of your business and the available role.

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View Job Applicants on Your HealthyPeople Account

All job applications via HealthyPeople populate a list on the employers account.

  • Sort them into yes/no/maybe
  • View Cover Letter and CV in the one place
  • Make notes on applicants for future reference (requires Membership)

This short video shows where to find your applications when logged in.

Log in to your HealthyPeople account to get started.

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Access to HealthyPeople Professionals Saved a Failing Job Ad


We recently advertised a senior sales role for Adam Wilson of BTC Life in Brisbane.

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My Job Ad is Not Working.


Finding the right person for your team is not always a straight forward process.

Aside from factors like location, job type, hours, rates of pay, candidate availability and the type of facility, the actual job ad itself can have a big impact on the number and quality of applications. Especially as it relates to the recruitment of Personal Trainers.  Continue reading