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It’s Not You It’s Me – Why You Haven’t Heard From the Employer


When you’ve had an interview, one of the worst stretches of time, especially when you really want that new job, is the post-interview wait.

You felt like it all went well. But now you have to wait. For feedback. For follow-up questions. For an offer.

As the wait extends, it’s easy to allow your mind to start telling yourself that maybe you bombed. Maybe they hated you. Maybe it’s hopeless. Continue reading

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My Job Ad is Not Working.


Finding the right person for your team is not always a straight forward process.

Aside from factors like location, job type, hours, rates of pay, candidate availability and the type of facility, the actual job ad itself can have a big impact on the number and quality of applications. Especially as it relates to the recruitment of Personal Trainers.  Continue reading

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Your Job Application Checklist (bookmark this).


Making a good impression with a job application is not as hard as it might seem.

Assuming that you meet key criteria, the role of your resume is simply to make this clear. To make this easy for you, following is a list of things to take into account for each of your applications.

If you want to take it to the next level, download our checklist and job application insight sheet (link below). Continue reading

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Dealing With Red Flags on Your Fitness Resume.


When employers screen job applicants, they might spend as little as a few seconds on your résumé. If they see ‘red flags’ during the initial look, they’re likely to push your application to the side and move on.

What are these red flags and how do you deal with them?

Here are five of the most common job history red flags and how to combat them. Continue reading

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Following Up After an Interview – The RIGHT Way


How do you maintain contact with an employer without being too pushy?

Let’s say you feel pretty good about things and the interviewer said, “Keep in touch!”

Awesome. But a couple of weeks go by and nothing’s happened. So what do you do now? Can you follow up without reeking of desperation or looking like a pest? Continue reading

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I Once Tanked in a Phone Interview. You Can Avoid It.


Last week we created a CV that gets you the phone call. This week we’ll review how to make the most of the initial phone call.

I once completely shanked a phone interview. True story. I managed to get the call, but instead of declining to talk until I was well away from my boss at the time, I thought I could get away with it. Big mistake. While I managed to avoid the boss I tanked on the call. My head was elsewhere. If an employer calls, take it seriously, and here’s how you do it. Continue reading

Articles for Professionals

The Secret to Creating a Cover Letter that Works


Applying for jobs is about moving through stages. – The first stage is your cover letter, it’s what gets your CV read. The second stage is your CV and its ability to get you a phone call. It’s the phone call that secures the interview. Only in the interview will you secure the job. Over the next few weeks I’ll take you through each of these stages and how to ace them. This week we kick off with the cover letter… Continue reading