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Ian O’Dwyer Introduces SOMA and the LEAD System.


Ian O’Dwyer is one of the most forward thinking professionals in our industry. While the industry moves toward a more holistic approach to fitness, Ian O’Dwyer is ahead, in the distance, exploring new approaches that will likely be considered obvious in the next 5 – 10 years. In this article, Ian introduces his new SOMA course, run in conjunction with Rodney Corn. If it resonates, check the upcoming course details below.

SOMA is a fresh approach to enhancing the quality and performance of nerve, Continue reading

Articles for Employers, Articles for Professionals, Businesses, People

An Impromptu Interview with Ian O’Dwyer.

Thanks, Eugene and Tian from Gym Click Media for grabbing this off-the-cuff chat with Ian O’Dwyer at the Australian Health and Wellness Summit.

We wandered over a few topics, so jump in where you like.

“Pay what you feel” 0:00 Continue reading

Articles for Professionals, Businesses

Bridging the Gap Between the Fitness Industry and General Public.


FITREC is pleased to announce it’s sponsorship of Ian O’Dwyer’s presentations at the 2017 Australian Health & Wellness Summit. We’re also very grateful to report that FITREC professionals receive a $20 discount on the registration fee (contact us). 

With obesity and lifestyle diseases on the increase, maybe it’s time to ask why the fitness industry is failing to have a meaningful impact on reversing this trend? Continue reading

Articles for Employers, Articles for Professionals

The Value of Play in Personal Training


This is a great guest post by Ian O’Dwyer, an internationally respected Personal Trainer educator. Most recently Ian was a member of the panel on the PT Meeting of the Minds at FILEX. You can catch Ian in person on Friday 22nd July. Over to you Ian…

Play is one of the most powerful tools we have in our kit bag, it empowers people to change on many levels!

Recently I had a client come into a session who was in a quandary. It became clear that he was feeling guilty about the time he was committing to himself (by trying to get back into shape) and that he wasn’t really spending enough time with his daughter. Continue reading