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Important Numbers for Personal Trainers

At HealthyPeople, we’re strong believers that more informed Trainers will be more successful Trainers. I’m grateful for Pete Gleeson for sharing these valuable tips for any Trainer, new or experienced, that’s looking to begin with a new facility.

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HealthyPeople for Employers in 5 Simple Images.

I recently spoke with the Regional Fitness Directors of Goodlife Health Clubs, ensuring they were familiar with how HealthyPeople can be used to find and manage candidates.

Following the talk, Pete Gleeson, the National Fitness Director, sent through the following images with comments compiled by one of the RFDs. Continue reading

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Trainer Spotlight – Maty Agostino, Goodlife Fountain Gate

Thank you to Pete Gleeson (National Fitness Director, Goodlife) and ‘Smick’ (Fitness Director, Goodlife Fountain Gate) for sending this through. 


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Six Habits of Highly Successful Trainers


The six points below are taken from the notes of Jarrod Martin, Fitness Director of Goodlife Wantirna, from the session by Tony Boutagy at FILEX 2016. His original notes from the session are included in the image below. 

I believe the following six points are the greatest summary of what it takes to make a great Trainer. As any successful Personal Trainer will testify, it doesn’t matter what certification or degree you have, the true learning begins once your initial qualification has been completed. Continue reading

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What Goodlife Personal Trainers Think About Personal Training



Do you want to know what it’s like to work as a Personal Trainer?

What gets Goodlife Trainers out of bed in the morning?

What are the realities of being a Personal Trainer?

And what is it like to work as a Personal Trainer with Goodlife?

I recently put these questions to 400+ Goodlife Personal Trainers. Continue reading

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Personal Training as a Career – with Eliza Bingham


Eliza Bingham of Inside/Out Energy is a successful Personal Trainer and Personal Training Coach operating out of Goodlife Health Clubs in Mooroolbark. I approached her with a couple of questions about her work and she has delivered GOLD. There are so many great points in this article. I wanted to highlight them all but I couldn’t, it would have looked ridiculous!

New and potential Personal Trainers, this is a MUST READ! Continue reading

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No Qualifications, No Problems – Your Questions Answered.


Among our ads for Personal Trainers, some mention additional opportunities to get started without qualifications.

These are opportunities to gain your fitness qualifications in the midst of a successful fitness business.

Rather than operate out of a single venue or online, AIPT has sourced ‘campuses’ all over Australia. These campuses can provide you with valuable on the job experience while completing your fitness certifications.

Following are some answers to the more common questions… Continue reading

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Employed, Rental or Own Business – Pros and Cons for Each as a Personal Trainer


Back in November 2013 we posted this article to our newsletter subscribers. It had a great response and the information is as relevant as ever. So here it is again for our new blog…

To help lift the fog surrounding the different Personal Training opportunities, I asked Michael Grogan, [formally] FD at Goodlife Fitzroy, for his input. Continue reading

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What to Wear to a Personal Training Interview


Preparing for a Personal Training interview can have an element of uncertainty about it.

You want to show that you respect the role and the people you’re meeting with, but what if they ask you to demonstrate an exercise or two? You don’t want to be hitting the deck or dropping a few squats in your professional skirt or best suit.

So what’s the answer?

When I put the question to David Aitchison, Cluster Manager for Goodlife Health Clubs, he said…

“The expected dress for all roles would be corporate attire. That is, for guys, shirt and pants, for girls, skirt or pants with shirt/ blouse.”

Similarly, Jason Clark, National Personal Training Manager for Snap Fitness said…

“One on one Interviews I prefer smart casual. Group Interviews I might ask for active wear as they could be doing a physical component. I’ll inform them of this though”

I, too, advise office attire, especially in the initial meeting. It’s quite possible you will be more formally presented than the interviewer. This is to be expected. You’re not dressing based on what you think people in the club are wearing. Your goal is to show respect for the role and the interviewer and make sure your first impression is a good one.

But what if you’ve dressed corporate for the initial interview and the hiring manager wants to put you through some paces? Well, whether you take part is up to you. But there is an easier way to avoid the problem…

When requested to come in for an interview, assume nothing. Ask whether you should dress for a standard interview or whether you should come prepared for physical activity.

What if, in your excitement at getting an interview, you forget to ask whether there will be physical activity component? (or maybe you feel uncomfortable asking the question?)

No problem, dress in your corporate attire and pack your best gym gear to change into – just in case.

I wish you every success with your next interview.

Does this resonate with you? Please share your thoughts.