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Managing Professional Development with FITREC.

FITREC’s decision to move away from CEC accumulation (for good reason) has been very well received by health and fitness professionals. Unfortunately, some employers have assumed that without CECs, FITREC is unable to satisfy their need to ensure professional development of staff is taking place.

This is incorrect. In fact, not only does FITREC provide a means to ensure professional development is taking place, FITREC was actually built to address a number of challenges faced by fitness employers.

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Broaden Your Scope with a Certificate IV in Weight Management

We’re very fortunate, in our industry, to have passionate professionals with the drive and commitment to change things for the better. Sonja Bella is one such person. Not satisfied with traditional Trainer education surrounding Weight Management, Sonja developed a course to broaden the scope for all Trainers. This course is now a Nationally Recognised Training program.

Thank you Sonja, for this guest post…

Why a Certificate IV in Weight Management?

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Nothing Raises Standards Like Accountability.

FITREC-Accountability (2)

FITREC registered professionals demonstrate an unrivalled commitment to transparency and accountability. Today, this leading commitment takes further step forward.

When registered with FITREC, professionals are given a publicly visible profile that displays all their learning and experience. It can also include references from industry peers, related achievements, videos, images and more. The result is a profile that provides the greatest possible insight into any industry professional.

To ensure maximum accountability, we’ve added a small but significant feature to all FITREC profiles.

All FITREC profiles now include a ‘Report This Profile’ link. This is a level of accountability NEVER before seen in our industry.

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