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Learn to Speak the Employer’s Language


No industry experience? No problem.

The trick is to know what the employer wants to hear.

In fact, even if you have experience, it’s not uncommon to completely miss the mark with your application by failing to talk in a language the employer understands. Continue reading

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Decades Old, Another Industry But These Job Application Tips are Solid!


Ogilvy on Advertising‘ is essential reading for anyone in the advertising industry. What’s that? How has a book on advertising made it into a fitness industry recruitment blog? Beyond its timeless lessons on advertising, there is a small but excellent section on applying for jobs. And despite being more than 30 years old and from another industry, David Ogilvy’s lessons on applying for jobs remain as relevant as ever.  Continue reading

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Using Your CV to Get a Phone Call From A Fitness Employer


Applying for jobs is about moving through stages. A decent cover letter ensures that your CV is read. A decent CV will get you a phone call and the phone call stage is where you secure the interview. By the time you get to the interview, all of this should set you up for a straight run to landing the job..

Last week we looked at how to create a cover letter that gets your CV read. Now it’s time to cast the lens over your CV and help secure the phone call. Continue reading

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The Secret to Creating a Cover Letter that Works


Applying for jobs is about moving through stages. – The first stage is your cover letter, it’s what gets your CV read. The second stage is your CV and its ability to get you a phone call. It’s the phone call that secures the interview. Only in the interview will you secure the job. Over the next few weeks I’ll take you through each of these stages and how to ace them. This week we kick off with the cover letter… Continue reading

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6 Reasons the Employer Didn’t Call.


You’ve spotted a brilliant-looking job online. Great location, great salary, interesting role. You send your CV knowing that you’re the best candidate for the role then, a week goes by. Two weeks. Three weeks. You never hear back*. Rest assured, this is not uncommon, so here’s six possible reasons to explain why you didn’t make the cut… Continue reading

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Treat Job Applications Like You Would a Date (7 Tips)


You’ve met the love of your life and you’re about to head out on your first date. Naturally you want to make a great impression. Do you…

(a) Find out what they’re interested in and engage in relevant conversation, or…

(b) Blurt out all available information about your personal and professional life and hope that they find something in there of interest?

If you’re struggling, the correct answer is (a).

It’s the same with your job application. You might be the greatest, most qualified, most experienced person to apply, but if you’re not addressing the points of interest to the employer, well, you’re not getting the second date. Continue reading