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Breaking the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle: A perspective from psychology


Welcome to the seventh in the series on Client Retention – A Psychological Perspective provided by psychologist, Kate Swann. Kate is a co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Training Overweight and Obese Clients (available free for FITREC professionals). This on of the best in this series and recommended for all Trainers. Over to Kate…

As a personal trainer you meet them every day – the clients who are desperate to lose weight and achieve the perfect figure. So they embark on the latest fad diet – no carbs, no sugar, no protein, and even the no food diet.

And yes the weight comes off. However, Continue reading

Articles for Employers, Articles for Professionals

Spresa Vella Launches MEP


We don’t often cover product launches on the HealthyPeople blog, but for Spresa Vella, I’m happy to make the exception.

Spresa has been coaching club owners to success for many years. Most recently building and fine tuning her Member Engagement Program – a means by which club owners, managers and Personal Trainers can reduce client attrition and build a more stable membership and client base. Continue reading

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Empathy – If It’s Not in Your Trainer’s Tool Kit, You’re Losing Money.


Fitness professionals are outgoing people that find it easy to connect with others. While we’re great at lifting motivation and generating enthusiasm, we’re not always as switched on when it comes to the subtle art of ’empathy’ – which is a far cry from our standard use of ‘sympathy’. Continue reading