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Managing Professional Development with FITREC.

FITREC’s decision to move away from CEC accumulation (for good reason) has been very well received by health and fitness professionals. Unfortunately, some employers have assumed that without CECs, FITREC is unable to satisfy their need to ensure professional development of staff is taking place.

This is incorrect. In fact, not only does FITREC provide a means to ensure professional development is taking place, FITREC was actually built to address a number of challenges faced by fitness employers.

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Landlines, DVDs and CECs – What Do They Have in Common?


Since the launch of FITREC, we’ve shone a light on many questionable elements of our industry that we’ve all, at some point, taken for granted. Following recent questions on the topic of ongoing learning (specifically, FITREC’s move away from the points accumulation model) I thought it worth shining a light on the traditional CEC/PDP business models and why we feel its time has passed.

There was a time, before the internet…

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