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Our New Candidate Search Option is a Winner

One of the first steps in updating the HealthyPeople website was to make it easier for employers to connect with local fitness professionals. The following video outlines the improvements.

UPDATE (16/02/2016): Video indicates that search result order is by; Promoted > Those registered with FITREC, FA or PAA > Last active. Feedback was that ‘Last active’ was more important than ‘Registered’, so this change has been made.

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Articles for Employers

Finding Local Fitness Candidates is Now Easier Than Ever.


Our latest HealthyPeople release is a HUGE update to our candidate search tool. Not only have we changed the way profiles are presented, we’ve also made big changes to how you find relevant profiles.

The above image shows that more information is included in the search results, including the ability to request a CV from within the search results themselves. But that’s not all, by clicking on the VIEW MORE button, you can actually view all details from the search results (see below), including the ABOUT ME details and any additional job categories or qualifications present. No more linking out to a second page and then having to navigate back. Continue reading