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For a More Profitable Fitness Business, Get it Ready to Sell.

In the early days of my business, I was advised to get it ready to sell. Specifically, to ensure optimal systems and processes were in place because, even if not selling, it would make my business a more profitable venture.

In a recent conversation with Cameron Prosser, Australia’s leading fitness business sales specialist with BF Brokers, I was inspired to put the question to him as to what makes a business more valuable when selling (and more profitable to operate). I’m very pleased to say he’s delivered some GOLD! 

Whether you’re a one-person Training business or own multiple clubs, there is information in this post that will put money in your pocket. Enjoy.

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Articles for Professionals, Articles for Employers

FITREC Celebrates Mentors & Coaches

As a part of our push to build an optimal fitness registration service, we are continually experimenting with new ways to highlight the accomplishments and development of all fitness professionals.

Our latest release gives FITREC professionals the ability to include any business coaches or mentors that have influenced their development.

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Tiger Proof Your Business


Steve Grant is the owner of GymHub, “the first ‘High Performance’ Network and Mentoring program for Gym Owners across Australia and New Zealand.” In this guest post, Steve highlights the importance of ‘running a business’ rather than ‘being a business’.

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My Create PT Wealth experience


I spent two days last week as a guest of Brad and Jason at their Create PT Wealth Business Building Bootcamp. I can save you reading this entire post by saying; Continue reading

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Personal Trainers; 5 Ways to Treat Your Small Business Like it’s BIG.


It’s a pleasure to have a guest post today from Anthea Altamura of FitBiz. I’ve known Anthea and her partner David for many years. They’ve successfully run their own clubs – so well in fact, that their group training program, GO!45, is now licensed by clubs throughout Australia. Via FitBiz they’ve helped many fitness businesses (and Trainers) increase profits . More recently, they’ve begun developing new fitness professionals via FitCollege. Over to you Anthea…

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Employed, Rental or Own Business – Pros and Cons for Each as a Personal Trainer


Back in November 2013 we posted this article to our newsletter subscribers. It had a great response and the information is as relevant as ever. So here it is again for our new blog…

To help lift the fog surrounding the different Personal Training opportunities, I asked Michael Grogan, [formally] FD at Goodlife Fitzroy, for his input. Continue reading