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What the Hell is MetaFit?


Following on from our successful article on ‘What the Hell is Nordic Walking?‘ here’s some insight into a new, equipment free, group exercise session called Metafit.

With origins in the UK, Metafit was introduced to Australia by Daniel Wilson (I’ve known Daniel for years – his extensive industry experience includes Club Management, Sales Management and Personal Training, both here and abroad).

In a relatively short space of time Metafit has become a staple for many Trainers. In fact, some have based their whole business around it (check out THE HIIT MUM in the West of Melbourne). Continue reading

Articles for Professionals

Let’s Be Clear, No Two Fitness Jobs are the Same


It’s time to get something straight – NO TWO FITNESS JOBS ARE THE SAME!

Agreed, there is consistency across jobs, but it’s the differences that are going to determine your overall job satisfaction.

What sort of things should you consider before sending your application? (while I refer largely to Personal Trainers, the principles are the same for any role with a fitness group) Continue reading