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New Rights for Fitness Casuals

I’m very pleased to present another guest post by Alex Martin of Taurus Legal Management (his previous article was on ‘The Basics of Restraint of Trade‘). In this post, Alex clarifies the new rights available to fitness casuals as well as each employer’s requirement to notify them of these rights. You’ll also find a link to share the ruling and the compliance date. Thank you, Alex…

On 1 October 2018 a Fair Work Commission Ruling came into force under the Fitness Industry Award 2010. This ruling directly impacts all casual fitness staff.

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Asia Fitness Conference 2018: The Debrief.

Are you an Australian Fitness professional?

You are?

Then the Asia Fitness Conference is your home away from home.

This was my first visit to the AFC, which was a nice one to attend as it happened to be the AFC’s 10th anniversary.

The highlights…

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Why obese people are going to save the world and the fitness industry

Dr Cam McDonald is the Australian representative for ph360 – “a personal health platform providing health, fitness and lifestyle insights based on scientific calculations of gene expression.” The ph360 program is fast becoming a preferred tool among fitness professionals. It’s a pleasure to have this timely guest post from Dr Cam following the recent World Obesity Day.

What would you say if I told you that some people are designed to be obese, and it actually is very healthy for them to register as obese? Continue reading

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FITREC Now Includes a ‘Subscribe to Profile’ Feature



FITREC profiles have been designed to have a greater purpose than simply to improve the transparency and accountability of fitness professionals.

The functionality that FITREC provides has taken a step forward with the addition of profile ‘subscribe’ links.

Who would subscribe to a FITREC profile?
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Landlines, DVDs and CECs – What Do They Have in Common?


Since the launch of FITREC, we’ve shone a light on many questionable elements of our industry that we’ve all, at some point, taken for granted. Following recent questions on the topic of ongoing learning (specifically, FITREC’s move away from the points accumulation model) I thought it worth shining a light on the traditional CEC/PDP business models and why we feel its time has passed.

There was a time, before the internet…

Before the internet (inc. mobile phones, social media and websites), it was impossible to fact check the amount of information that we process so easily today. Continue reading

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The Fundamentals of Selling Gym Memberships


Steve Grant is the owner of GymHub, “the first ‘High Performance’ Network and Mentoring program for Gym Owners across Australia and New Zealand.” In this guest post, Steve outlines how your greatest sales tool – the free pass – if not used well, may be costing you memberships.

Over to you, Steve…

Trial memberships and demo classes are some of the most reliable methods of attracting prospective members to visit your fitness studio. IHRSA released data suggesting up to 63% of the people walking past your gym each day wish they could exercise, and free trials are a great way of getting them through the door.

Unfortunately, though, after a free trial period, some people will still walk away rather than join at the end.

Do you know what’s even more unfortunate?

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Nothing Raises Standards Like Accountability.

FITREC-Accountability (2)

FITREC registered professionals demonstrate an unrivalled commitment to transparency and accountability. Today, this leading commitment takes further step forward.

When registered with FITREC, professionals are given a publicly visible profile that displays all their learning and experience. It can also include references from industry peers, related achievements, videos, images and more. The result is a profile that provides the greatest possible insight into any industry professional.

To ensure maximum accountability, we’ve added a small but significant feature to all FITREC profiles.

All FITREC profiles now include a ‘Report This Profile’ link. This is a level of accountability NEVER before seen in our industry.

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