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Business for Sale, Oxley (Brisbane).

It’s a pleasure to alert the HealthyPeople and FITREC community to a business opportunity. As with any listed opportunity, DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE and get plenty of advice before signing anything.

Eileen and her business partner, Adam, own and manage a small shopping centre at 1118 Oxley Rd. Among the strip of 11 shops is a small gym (308sqm).

Following are some notes I took from the conversation with Eileen, the property owner… Continue reading

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Turn Fitness Marketing ‘I Shoulds’ into ‘Crushed It’


NPE has helped more than 24,000 fitness businesses in 95 countries grow to the next level. This year at FILEX, NPE Coach Tom Hart will share NPE’s experiences with the ‘6 Stages of Fitness Business Growth‘ and the ‘Fitness Marketing Lifecycle‘. I’ll hand over to Tom to provide an insight into these upcoming sessions…

How long is your list of marketing “I shoulds”? Continue reading

Articles for Employers, Articles for Professionals, Businesses

Established Personal Training Business- Now Available!


Step into an established personal training business in Prahran.

Training in two locations with great exposure and visibility, you will be taking on a solid membership base with an excellent reputation and strong relationships in the Prahran community. Continue reading

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How Changes to Fitness Education will Impact Industry Recruitment


When it comes to recruiting Personal Trainers, “it’s going to be harder to find them and harder to keep them.” – Ryan Koski, VFA Learning.

I’m grateful to have had a recent catch-up with Ryan Koski of VFA Learning. He outlined for me the recent changes to the Fitness training packages. It’s clear that these changes are going to have a significant impact on the way in clubs and studios recruit their fitness teams in the future.

If you’re not already aware of key changes, note the following; Continue reading

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Understanding Your Client’s Addiction to Overeating


This is the fourth in the series on Client Retention – A Psychological Perspective provided by psychologist, Kate Swann. Kate is a co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Training Overweight and Obese Clients (available free for FITREC professionals). Kate has also developed the Psychology of Exercise Adherence Level 1 Certificate for Exercise Professionals.

When we’re working with clients in our psychology practice, we hear over and over again how obsessed with food they feel, how powerless they are to stop a binge, and how much better they feel when they’re eating. Continue reading

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The Top 3 Legal Traps for Gym Owners


I’m very excited to have our first guest post from one of the Directors at Velocity Legal, Mr Scott McKenzie. Not only our first from Scott but our first legal based article EVER! 

Take it away Scott…

The following three legal issues are among the most common for club owners while also being among the easiest to avoid. Continue reading