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Become the Best Personal Trainer in Your Gym

I’m very pleased to introduce this guest post from Sam Merza, the National Fitness Manager at Genesis Health + Fitness. Sam’s background includes Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and a successful career as a weight loss and body transformation trainer.

Over his career, Sam has created multiple income streams that have included setting up Workplace Health and Wellbeing programs, managing Sub-contractors, establishing small group training models and more.

Sam is using these experiences to help Genesis Health + Fitness lead the way in the development, support & management of Personal Trainers in Australia.

Welcome to 2020!

This promises to be a year in which everyone in the Health and Fitness industry needs to be on their toes. Beyond the rising number of clubs, gyms, studios, and Trainers, we’re dealing with competing apps and influencers.

As a new Trainer coming into the industry, or as an experienced Trainer working to stay ahead, how do you position yourself?

How are you different to other Trainers in the club? What are you providing that an app cannot?

To understand the potential success of your business you must first ask yourself one question.

What is my perceived value?

This means – what does my client receive, as part of their journey with me and what do they perceive as being of value?

List them down, because if you don’t tell your potential client about them then they won’t see the huge value in your service. For example…

  • Are you available 24/7 if your client messages you?
  • Do you offer program reviews?
  • Are you constantly upskilling?
  • What skills do you have?
  • Do they get added to your private FB group?

All of these things are a unique value-add that you provide and each of them increases the perceived value of your service.

As a result, the member sees everything you do and thinks ‘WOW, this Trainer is amazing and must be worth a huge amount!’. Then, when you present your price, the client is ready to buy because the perceived value outweighs the actual value that you’ve presented!

By focusing on this simple task; we have seen some of the highest success rates of Trainers entering and staying in the industry at our Genesis Health + Fitness sites.

Add to this, ongoing business training and some of the best facilities around, and that’s why Genesis are leaders in getting results for members and making Fitness professionals successful!

I wish you every success with your fitness career in 2020.

If you’d like to learn more about working with Genesis Health & Fitness and/or to attend their Fitness Solutions Business course, contact Sam Merza on


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