Articles for Employers

Posting Job Ads with HealthyPeople Just Got Even Better.

To ensure that employers have every opportunity to connect with the right people for their role, we’ve added a new element to every job ad.

All job ads now include the ability to connect directly with 10 candidates that match the job location and category.

How does it work?

Once your job ad is activated, you’ll receive an email showing 10 candidates that are now available to you on your account.

To access these candidates, under the JOBS tab on your HealthyPeople account, find the active job and click on the ‘Applications’ link.

On the Applications page, look for the section that includes the 10 SUGGESTED candidates. You’ll be able to connect directly with any of these candidates that you think might be suitable.

WARNING! Don’t just send all candidates a link to your job ad.

If you think a candidate is suitable, gives it a personal touch for better results. For more insight, have a quick look at this page.

As more clubs, studios and bootcamps open, the demand for fitness staff has become increasingly competitive. By giving employers the ability to connect directly with 10 local candidates that suit the advertised job, we hope to ensure greater success for all HealthyPeople clients.

Ready to post an ad? You can do so here.


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