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New Feature: “Do You Think You’ll Apply?”

When viewing a job ad on HealthyPeople, you will now see, after a 5-second delay, a pop-up that asks “Do you think you’ll apply?” with the option to click a thumb up or a thumb down. If desired, you can also indicate what they like or don’t like about the role.

All votes for or against an ad are anonymous, as are any comments. You’re also welcome to leave an email address and we’ll get back to you.

Why bother voting and/or commenting?

Because it helps us deliver better fitness jobs, more clearly advertised.

The more feedback we get, the better informed we’ll be as to what are considered attractive benefits within different roles and, just as importantly, what sort of things people are NOT interested in.

HealthyPeople is dedicated to providing the best possible service for fitness professionals and employers. This new feature is another step in this direction.


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