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FITREC Celebrates Mentors & Coaches

As a part of our push to build an optimal fitness registration service, we are continually experimenting with new ways to highlight the accomplishments and development of all fitness professionals.

Our latest release gives FITREC professionals the ability to include any business coaches or mentors that have influenced their development.

Why include reference to Mentors and Coaches?

Making use of a coach or mentor signifies a commitment to personal and professional development.

In some cases, the mentor or coach you have worked with can further highlight your area of focus.

Many professionals use a coach but very few talk about it. By making this more visible, we can encourage others to explore coaching options for their professional development.

There are many great coaches out there, and we’re keen to see them recognised for their contribution to a more successful industry.

What detail is included?

We have allowed space for the name of the individual you worked with and another space for their company name. You can also include a link to the mentor’s / coach’s website.

How do I add a MENTOR / COACH to my FITREC profile?

When logged in, select the new MENTORS tab.

Then enter the relevant details in the space provided. When you click SAVE, you’ll see the new entry populate the list on the right.

When added to your profile, you’ll see the MENTORS / COACHES appear under your bio and above your references.

Do I have to include details about MENTORS / COACHES?

No, professionals do not have to add anything in this space. If there are no details included, the MENTORS / COACHES section will not display.

If you have any feedback on this new feature for FITREC profiles, please comment below or email me at


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