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FITREC Now Includes a ‘Subscribe to Profile’ Feature



FITREC profiles have been designed to have a greater purpose than simply to improve the transparency and accountability of fitness professionals.

The functionality that FITREC provides has taken a step forward with the addition of profile ‘subscribe’ links.

Who would subscribe to a FITREC profile?
This is a tool for employers and HR Managers.

Why subscribe to a profile?
Ensuring that registration or relevant certificates are current is important for many employers and HR Managers. Even if there are internal services, this is an additional check available to a division manager, for example.

Is there a cost?
There is no cost to subscribe to an alert on registration expiry (a FITREC account is required).

If you are a registered professional or business, your alert options are much greater. You can subscribe to be notified of…

  • CPR/First Aid and other certificate expiry
  • Upcoming registration expiry
  • Registration renewal
  • Updates to Education
  • Updates to Achievements
  • Updates to References
  • An image is added
  • A video is added

How do I subscribe to a FITREC profile?
When logged in to FITREC, head the profile you are interested in subscribing to and click on the ‘subscribe’ link on the bottom right of the profile. If your registration is active, you’ll be presented with a list of items that you can select to be notified of.

This is a big value add to our PROUDLY FITREC Business Registration.
Our Business Registration already includes two professional profiles and recruitment credit with HealthyPeople to equal value of your PROUDLY FITREC fee. The ability to subscribe to the profiles of staff makes FITREC registration all the more relevant for every fitness business.

Registration with FITREC for professionals and employers starts here.

For more information on our PROUDLY FITREC Business Registration, look here.


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