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Nothing Raises Standards Like Accountability.

FITREC-Accountability (2)

FITREC registered professionals demonstrate an unrivalled commitment to transparency and accountability. Today, this leading commitment takes further step forward.

When registered with FITREC, professionals are given a publicly visible profile that displays all their learning and experience. It can also include references from industry peers, related achievements, videos, images and more. The result is a profile that provides the greatest possible insight into any industry professional.

To ensure maximum accountability, we’ve added a small but significant feature to all FITREC profiles.

All FITREC profiles now include a ‘Report This Profile’ link. This is a level of accountability NEVER before seen in our industry.

Who would use this link?

Anyone that has reason to believe that information contained on a FITREC profile is inaccurate or warrants closer inspection.

For example, an employer would be well placed to confirm whether a professional has worked in their facility. They may also question a professional’s references. Clients or allied health professionals may question a Trainer’s capacity for giving specific advice.

What is the process?

In the first instance, we’ll contact the person who has made the report to confirm the details and ensure we have a complete understanding.

Depending on the report, we will request further details from the professional.

Resolution may require an edit to the profile or in an extreme case of misrepresentation, the professional will be removed from the FITREC register.

Once the matter has been investigated and resolved, the person who made the report will be notified of the outcome.

At all times, the privacy of the person that has made the report will be maintained.

Recognising that fitness registration is entirely optional, I encourage everyone to acknowledge the commitment of those that voluntarily opt for this level of professional accountability.


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