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Press Release: FITREC Launches Business Registration with Recruiting Benefits.


Recent changes to FITREC’s business registration, called PROUDLY FITREC, mean direct savings on recruitment fees for club owners. The larger the group, the greater the savings.

FITREC has a reputation for providing a leading registration service for fitness professionals but has done little to promote their offering for businesses. Dennis Hosking, Managing Director of both FITREC and HealthyPeople, states “we’ve been focused on getting our registration service for professionals right, before pushing too hard on the business registration. Now that our professional registration is tracking well, we’ve turned our attention to better serving businesses.”

While their business registration provides employers with a profile that Hosking describes as ‘industry facing’ and ‘designed to assist with attracting suitable candidates’. Hosking is quick to point out that “this is not where the measurable value is.”

“Each business registration also includes two professional registrations plus a credit, equal in value to the PROUDLY FITREC purchase price, for use on any recruitment services on HealthyPeople.”

In a recent video, Hosking illustrates that a business owner with three clubs would save close to $1000 on recruitment fees and pick up six professional FITREC registrations to give staff. A group with 20 clubs, for example, would enjoy more than $6,200 in recruiting credit along 40 professional FITREC registrations to gift staff.

“As with our professional registration, we wanted our business registration to address a specific need. In this instance, it is the recruitment and retention of staff.”

“Our PROUDLY FITREC profiles,” says Hosking, “allow employers to highlight details of interest to potential candidates, like images and/or video of the facility and team. They can add detail on the type of clients trained, the culture of the business, any career progression opportunities as well as any ongoing development that might be available.”

Business profiles can also include links to the professional profiles of FITREC registered staff. “This feature serves two key purposes,” Hosking says. “Firstly, the public recognition of existing staff helps solidify the sense of team and belonging, great for staff retention. Secondly, this support and recognition is obvious to others looking at the profile to see who they might be working with.”

Regarding other additions, Hosking states, “the included professional registrations are an opportunity for an employer to support the professional development and industry presence of leading staff, again, influencing staff retention.”

“As the fitness industry continues to evolve,” says Hosking, “it’s important that fitness registration keeps step.”

To get started, head to, click JOIN NOW and select PROUDLY FITREC from the two registration options.

For more information, including insight into how much you can save by making the switch to FITREC, contact Dennis Hosking at


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