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How To Grow a Business From Founding to 20+ Staff in Three Years.


Get Going PT provide leading ‘at home’ Personal Training services as well as run a successful studio in Oakleigh, VIC. In the three years since founding, Get Going PT has grown considerably and is now looking at expanding into NSW. We’re grateful to have some insight into their business with this recent Q & A with Owner and Operations Manager, Ashley Nelson…

Could you give some background on your business – How it started and where it is at this time?

Get Going was founded in late 2015 due to what we perceived was a massive lack of competent, knowledgeable and sustainable personal training services. The company was built to fill that void. We wanted to create a service that allowed people who were uncomfortable going to a gym, had restricted amounts of time and were hampered by unsuccessful attempts to change their unhealthy habits. This built the premise for at-home Personal Training, that focused purely on making sure our clientele receive high quality, life-changing, sustainable results. We made sure this was possible by introducing a team personal development strategy that all trainers are obligated to participate in. The result is – fun, sustainable, life habits for all of our clientele.

Since then, we have grown from the 3 founders into a team of 20+ trainers, covering the greater Melbourne area and on the brink of opening our doors in Sydney. We have also expanded into the Martial Arts industry, focusing on self-defence through Muay Thai.

You advertise monthly on HealthyPeople as well as access the candidate database. Are you employing staff every month, or are your job ads serving a different purpose?

Recruitment is run on a continuous basis. There a many reasons for this, the main reasons are that we are looking for high quality, culture fitting trainers. This can sometimes prove to be difficult in this specific industry. Therefore we may sift through many different profiles and applications before we find a suitable applicant. The other main reason for ongoing recruitment is that we are increasing in size pretty quickly. Therefore, we need new trainers on deck every month!

What are three things you think are most important when it comes to building a winning team?

Culture, constant personal (and team) development and good management.

Building a good team requires having solid foundations around you. These foundations all stem from the culture you build from the start. If your team is built on a desire to improve every single day, your team will improve every single day. It is important never to neglect the importance of this, or it can hurt you and your team down the track.

In the Personal Training industry, you need to be constantly looking to expand your knowledge in all areas. You never know how or when you’ll need to implement changes to a clients program. Knowledge is power! Also, putting yourself through different nutritional, lifestyle, training or habitual challenges will allow you to give first-hand experience to your clients. We encourage this heavily.

The last one is obvious, if your management team lacks – the rest of your team will too.

Why HealthyPeople?

HealthyPeople has been a great resource for us. We have found that word of mouth and headhunting can only get you so far. It is important when recruiting to exhaust all great options, and HealthyPeople allows us to do that.

What does your onboarding of staff look like?

Phone calls, interviews, meetings, and mentorships!

Thank you for your input Ashley. You can learn more about Get Going PT via their website. Are you interested in joining the Get Going PT team? The journey starts here.


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