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What the Hell is TRIBE Team Training?


If you’ve ever had a moment when you realise your perception is a lot further from reality than you realised, you’ll understand how I felt while chatting with Haagon East (CEO/Managing Director, TRIBE Team Training) and Jamie Hayes (Australian TRIBE Team Training Agent) at the recent Fitness Expo in Sydney.

I’d heard of TRIBE Team Training (TRIBE) before but questioned how it could be that different to the group sessions run by thousands of qualified instructors across Australia. Strangely enough, the first clue was in the name…

TRIBE Team Training actually works like a sports team.

Members are organised into teams, as opposed to being an individual in an anonymous group session. I’ll let Jamie add more to this…

“Team training brings the ethos of sports into the gym environment. For those who remember belonging to a sports team…

  • You enrolled in a team that trained together at set times with the one coach.
  • You knew your coaches’ and team members’ names and they knew yours.
  • You bonded, got to know each other and progressed together.
  • It became a ritual. You showed up.
  • You made friends.”

A common theme in any successful Small Group Training (SGT) sessions is the connection among the participants. With TRIBE, this sense of belonging and team is actually hard-wired into the experience.

Members join a team for 6-week ‘seasons’.

Each TRIBE program is delivered in a ‘season’ with seven new seasons developed and released every year. This provides members with structured training progression and the ability to set short-term, achievable goals.

These ‘seasons’ have an equally important role from the business perspective.

SGT programs have traditionally taken a back seat to the more obvious income streams of ‘membership’ and ‘Personal Training’. TRIBE provides a way to make SGT a more obvious contributor to the income of any fitness club, studio or Trainer.

For any team, the next ‘season’s’ schedule is only launched when pre-paid (or on DD) signups reach a certain level (ie. are profitable).

Scalability is the key to success.

While there are many Trainers that deliver outstanding SGT sessions, the issue for any fitness business is scalability. Replicating the success of one Trainer is never guaranteed in a freestyle environment. [For more on the importance of scalability, check out this guest post by Steve Grant.]

As with any licensed programs (eg. Les Mills, Metafit, Zumba) a big benefit of TRIBE is the consistency and control centred on the programs, rather than the individual Trainers. TRIBE sessions are all prepared by experts and designed to ensure progression for the members. The Trainer is, therefore, able to focus on delivering a memorable coaching experience for all participants.

It could be worth a closer look for your business.

TRIBE offers a very different approach to SGT. The team element, in particular, is a real winner. Given the low footprint (from 62 sqm) required for TRIBE sessions and the ability to tailor program offerings for different members’ training preferences on your timetable (there are six different TRIBE programs), there could be another profit stream in it for your fitness business.

If you’d like to learn more, head to the TRIBE Team Training website.

Update 26/09/2018: Jamie Hayes has resigned from this role, for all enquiries head to the TRIBE Team Training website.


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Dennis Hosking,
Managing Director,

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