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State and Territory Governments Recognise FITREC


Fitness registration took a huge step forward recently with both New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory governments acknowledging FITREC as a fitness registration provider.

The ACT is currently the only State/Territory in Australia that specifies fitness registration as a requirement to be considered ‘qualified’. FITREC Managing Director, Dennis Hosking, confirms that “On Wednesday 24th May we received confirmation that the ACT Commissioner for Fair Trading had signed off on FITREC as being an Approved Registration Body under the ACT’s Fair Trading (Fitness Industry) Code of Practice 2009.”

Hosking adds, “This gives fitness professionals and employers in the ACT unprecedented flexibility, autonomy and choice with regards to fitness registration.”

While fitness registration is not compulsory in NSW, it is one of the only states that mentions Fitness Australia by name as a registration service. Following notice to the Minister for Finance Services & Innovation that there are multiple fitness registration services, Hosking is pleased to announce that “The NSW government have confirmed that they are amending relevant pages where reference is made to Fitness Australia to note that there are a number of industry bodies that represent the health and fitness industry in NSW.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to see FITREC recognised at a government level”

“I am absolutely thrilled to see FITREC recognised at a government level” says Hosking, “as this removes any concern industry people might have as to FITREC’s status as a registration provider.”

For more information on FITREC, head to


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