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Be Like Sheridan, Do Some Good.


I challenge any industry professional to read the following and not be moved…


The Amazing Sheridan

“Hi. I just wanted to share my experience tonight, I have been doing the Frankston classes, with this being my third week. My boys, 4 and nearly 2, come with me. We have a ritual at bedtime to talk about our favourite part of the day. Tonight Mr 4’s favourite part of the day was seeing our instructor Sheridan at “exercise”. He told his Dad that when we see Sheridan we get to do push ups, mountain climbers and get strong. Thank you for this incredible program, and for the amazing Sheridan who includes the kids wherever possible and makes me feel so welcome and comfortable in an active environment. And the gift of an active, positive role model for my kids is priceless. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Live Live Get Active.”​


As exercise professionals, it’s not uncommon to see clients make some significant changes. Working with Live Life Get Active takes this opportunity to make meaningful change to the next level.

Via their FREE programs, Live Life Get Active gives Trainers all over Australia the ability to positively influence the lives of people that are unlikely or unable to step into a studio, club or bootcamp.

Working with Live Life Get Active will most likely be in addition to your current role. With as little as one session a week or as many as five, you choose your level of commitment. All sessions are paid and happen every week,


Live Life Get Active have a member base of 40,000+ members (at 12.2017), with a footprint of 114 camps in 6 states and 1 territory. Their membership is growing at around 500 new members every 10 days.

Funded by contracts with large national corporates and more than 65 local government authorities, Live Life Get Active have expanded into retirement communities and under their trade mark “Positive Prescription” are working with a growing number of doctors and medical organisations to prescribe outdoor activity as a means of addressing physical and mental health issues within their communities.


Using a purpose built app and sign up process, Live Life Get Active are able to collect, support, measure and motivate members according to their own behaviour and attitude. I have seen this system, it really is an amazing tool!

This same technology provides Trainers with access to relevant medical history and the ability to track each member’s progress. It also provides Trainers with a full manual of protocols, risk management plans, leave requests, invoicing calendars, injury action plans and a full list of training sessions that can be run.


Sessions – There are 3 different sessions per week in each of our outdoor camps; Cross training, Boxing and Yoga. Camps have up to 30 participants per session, which encourages social interaction and is highly motivating.

Nutrition – Nutrition plans are designed by Dr Joanna McMillian and are based on a plate strategy. There are 15 plates and three different paths – vegetarian, gluten free and standard.

Motivation – Our relationship programs guide members through the first 28 days of membership, offering advice and encouraging participation (as a result, we get 75% participation in those first 28 days).


Each camp has at least 4 trainers who are local, certified and insured; The Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor assigned to the camp plus their back ups. In some of our city camps we can have up to six trainers assigned to a camp.

As a Trainer, you could choose to take one session a week or as many as five a week. The choice is yours.

Sessions go ahead each week, rain hail or shine, for 40 weeks of the year.

All Trainers have a State Master Trainer who contacts them regularly to see how they are going and to get feedback.

You’ll also be required to share your daily experiences via photograph and video in a closed social network. These experiences are then shared daily with Live Life Get Active members.


Select from these currently advertised roles.

After sending in your application, you’ll be contacted for a phone interview by a representative from HealthyPeople. All things going well, you’ll then proceed to the Live Life Get Active recruitment team who will help you into the role.

Here’s another comment, in case you need any more convincing on what you can achieve…

“Hello , I’ve been attending “live life get active” Clyde North since July last year. I love it! I’ve made beautiful new friends. I’m stronger, happier, and LOVE being active. I book almost every session, the ones I can’t make are only due to appointments. I love the trainers, Tim, Rhiannon and Julie, they’re lovely, dedicated, passionate trainers. They love sharing their passion and knowledge for fitness with us. I love their humor, support and friendship. I’m so happy. I’ve finally come off antidepressants as I don’t need them anymore. Live Life is the best thing I have done. It’s given back my life, and now after 43 years, I’m finally living not just existing. I can finally shop for clothes in the normal sized section, after a lifetime of plus sized clothes. I’m over the moon. Thank you Need to get this amazing program everywhere! Kind regards Elena”

PLEASE NOTE: The Trainer in the photo is with Live Life Get Active, but may not be Sheridan. D.




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