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7 Ways FITREC is Working for Fitness Employers.


Fitness businesses rise on the strength of their teams. So it makes sense that an industry registration service should do as much as possible to help with the recruitment and retention of staff.

Here are eight ways that FITREC is working for fitness employers…

1. Easily Identify Leading Talent

FITREC profiles show employers everything they need in on one page – A candidate’s work history, all relevant education, references from industry peers/clients/previous employers, any related achievements, Images, Videos, and personal summary.

2. Access to Certificates in One Place

Whether it’s for insurance, First Aid, CPR or Qualifications, FITREC profiles can include copies of all these relevant documentation – all readily accessible from any device. A considerable time saver.

3. A Rating that All Professionals Can be Measured Against

The ‘FITREC Rating’ is the industry’s first genuine bench-marking tool. ALL FITREC professionals are given a dynamic score out of 300 that takes into account their education, their industry experience and the references they have received. At a glance, any employer can see whether a professional is new, developing, accomplished or an industry leader.

4. A Tool for Introducing Trainers to Clients

A Trainer’s FITREC profile can be viewed on any mobile device making it easy, for example, to bring up while giving a tour of your facility. Individual profiles give the client something to view and share easily.

Some businesses have Trainer information visible on their website. The benefit FITREC provides is that it’s more easily updated with recent achievements and references and also provides valuable third-party verification.

5. Encourage Registration Without Onerous Costs

We all believe in the value of registration but recognising it can’t be forced (as per the Fair Work Act) means ensuring that the registration process is easy and at minimal cost to the professional. To this end, FITREC registration is for a single year, rather than two, and we also offer a low monthly debit option.

Another considerable expense for professionals is the accumulation of learning points (eg. CEC/PDP). FITREC has dropped points accumulation in favour of full transparency on professional profiles. This system also encourages professionals to pursue the learning that most interests them without concern for points.

6. A Growing FITREC Profile Improves Longevity in the Role

A fitness professional’s work with you and any training you’ve put them through, along with references from yourself and clients all contribute to the professional’s FITREC profile and rating. As professionals see their career progress, they’ll feel more invested, providing encouragement to continue and ultimately reducing the risk of them leaving.

FITREC profiles include a social share link for Facebook and LinkedIn. When employers use these share links to welcome staff, celebrate achievements or acknowledge new qualifications, they’re showing that they value their staff, which leads to increased loyalty and reduced turnover (and will also attract new talent).

7. Like Attracts Like

If you want to attract more professionals like your leading performers, FITREC provides the means by which you can showcase and celebrate your team. Using PROUDLY FITREC profiles, you can showcase all FITREC team members and link to their profiles. You can also include a range of other information and media to best represent your employment opportunities to new candidates.

FITREC was designed by a team with considerable industry experience and a strong background in recruitment. Every decision surrounding FITREC has been made to ensure the best outcome for fitness professionals, fitness employers and the fitness industry as a whole.

8. Includes Complimentary Recruitment Services

Your purchase of PROUDLY FITREC Business Registration provides credit of equal value for use on HealthyPeople, the largest and longest serving recruitment service for the Australian fitness industry.

Would you like to get your staff registered with FITREC? It starts here.


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