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Female Trainers; Four Reasons to Take Your Own Medicine.


It’s great to welcome back Mish Wright for another guest post. A long time advocate of women’s health, Mish has run a successful Personal Training business and the annual Women’s Health & Fitness Summit. More recently, Mish can be found championing women’s fitness via the Curves brand. Over to you, Mish…

Women are often guilty of putting themselves last.

Last in their family and often, sadly, last in their professional life.

Fitness Professionals are no different! 

As trainers we implore our clients to deal with injury by seeking Allied Health professionals / specialists. We have conversations about the importance of sleep and managing stress. Yet, many fitness professionals are sporting unaddressed injuries and burning the candle at both ends to accommodate clients and their schedules, with scant regard to their own health and wellbeing!

No more is this true, than with pelvic health.

It is common practice to encourage our leaking clients or those with pelvic/ sexual pain to see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist (Pelvic Health physio or incontinence specialist). However, when I ask a room of Fit Pro’s who has been themselves – it is
rare to find one who has. Many female Fit Pro’s are equally vague on if they are contracting their own pelvic floor correctly!

Are female Fit Pro’s exempt from pelvic floor dysfunction?

Not in my experience. The risk factors of repetitive heavy lifting, child birth and hormonal changes affect all and many also admit that they are not even sure if they are contracting their pelvic floor correctly.

Here are four great reasons why female Fit Pro’s should visit their local women’s health physio:

  1. You get to check the state of your pelvic floor and ensure you are contracting your pelvic floor correctly.
  2. When you refer your clients – you can speak from personal experience as to what to expect.
  3. Nothing speaks louder to an Allied Health Professional about your professional integrity than stumping up the cash and investing in yourself.
  4. Following up with Allied Health professionals after your client has visited, will further build the relationship and open it up to be one that they feel they can mutually refer clients.

Your health matters too and as our female clients often put themselves last, it is important that we lead by example!

Mish Wright
Business Development Manager Curves Australia & New Zealand


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