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FITREC Professionals, Here’s an Open Letter for Fitness Employers.


FITREC has made a fantastic impression on the Australia fitness industry in just a few short years. Unfortunately, our growth has outpaced many long established recruitment processes, leading to confusion in some instances.

While professionals have done a great job of updating employers in their area, we want things to be easier. So, we’ve written an open letter for all fitness employers to introduce FITREC, outline the benefits of FITREC registration as well as clarify the right of every industry professional to choose who they register with, or even if they register at all (naturally, we highly recommend it).

Please note, to ensure the accuracy of information surrounding the Fair Work Act and fitness registration, this letter was written with assistance from our legal team. 

The complete letter is below. You can download a printable version here.

Dear Recruitment Manager,

This letter is an introduction to FITREC fitness registration. It outlines the benefits of our service for professionals and employers and provides clarification of each professional’s right to choose with whom they register or if they become registered at all.

Introducing FITREC.

FITREC was established as a registration alternative in June 2015 as a result of our experience running HealthyPeople, Australia’s largest and longest-serving fitness recruiting service. Specifically, we observed that traditional registration gave employers little useable insight into an industry professional and similarly, offered limited opportunity for accomplished professionals to properly distinguish themselves.

Benefits of FITREC Registration.

Recognising that registration is not a legal requirement, FITREC registration has been designed to offer genuine utility for both employers and professionals. Specifically, FITREC offers…

TRANSPARENCY – Our professional profiles allow for the inclusion of all learning, industry experience, references from industry peers, relevant achievements, summary information, images, videos and specialisation.

CONVENIENCE – Employers have the ability to conduct quick online verification of certificates. This includes certificates for learning, First Aid and CPR, Working with Children checks and Certificates of Currency.

BENCHMARKING – The ‘FITREC Rating’ is the first benchmarking tool for our industry. All FITREC professionals receive a rating out of 300 that incorporates experience, education and references, making it possible for employers and clients to immediately identify new, developing and experienced industry talent.

CONFIRMATION – Every FITREC professional has a unique URL. Any employer can confirm registration by visiting a professional’s publicly visible URL — If there is no visible profile, registration is not current.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Every FITREC profile is checked before activation, ensuring receipt of primary qualifications. More importantly, the transparency of profiles ensures all professionals are accountable to the industry as a whole, not just to FITREC.

OBJECTIVITY – FITREC income is exclusively registration dues. We don’t engage in sponsorship or contra deals and have no stake in external businesses (outside of HealthyPeople). This way, we ensure our advice is strictly impartial and in the best interests of industry professionals and businesses.

Freedom of Association.

While multiple registration services exist in our industry, many professionals believe they are obliged to follow employer recommendations. Indeed, over the years with HealthyPeople, we’ve learned that many professionals (and some recruitment managers) believe that registration is a legal requirement. This is incorrect.

It is not widely understood that the Fair Work Act gives professionals the freedom to choose who they register with or even whether they register at all. In fact, if an employer were to make fitness registration a condition of employment, this would constitute an adverse action against the employee (or potential employee) and is, ultimately, illegal. For your reference, the relevant sections of the Fair Work Act are mentioned below.

Even with the knowledge that registration is optional, we’ve found most professionals welcome the accountability that registration provides. Any issue with registration has largely been due to the conditions imposed and the lack of discernible value delivered by some registration providers.

It’s my firm belief that FITREC’s focus on transparency will increase respect for accomplished professionals, encourage recognition and support for those beginning their fitness career and lead to increased unity in an environment of greater accountability. At the very least, the availability of choice in registration ensures all fitness registrars are motivated to grow with the industry and the professionals and employers they serve.

I hope this provides some clarity on FITREC and demonstrates our commitment to the growth of a more informed and progressive industry.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 0414 481 525 or

Kind regards,

Dennis Hosking
Founder and Managing Director, FITREC & HealthyPeople

Fair Work Act 2009 key sections as relevant to fitness industry association:
Section 342–Meaning of adverse action (discrimination based on terms of employment)
Section 346–Protection (against adverse action)
Section 347–Meaning of engages in industrial activity (inc. paying a fee to an association)
Section 349–Misrepresentations (regarding obligation to be a member of an industrial association)


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