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Employers; Give it the Personal Touch for Better Results!


When tapping directly into the HealthyPeople database, don’t spray the details of your available role to everyone that looks remotely suitable. We can do this for you, much more effectively, with a job ad.

Instead, use your access to candidates to do what we can’t – connect with an individual about the nature of your business and the available role.

Our HealthyPeople Business Membership provides you with the ability to make personal contact with local professionals.

The most common mistake employers make when tapping into the HealthyPeople database is to default to ‘job advertising’ mode.

This leads to an initial contact with potential candidates along the lines of…

I saw your details on HealthyPeople and think you’d be a good fit for our job.

We’re a great place to work…

These are our expectations of you…

Apply via our job ad at this link.

Why might this approach struggle? The candidate has likely never heard of you. It’s unexpected. There is nothing personal in the approach – it could have been sent to 40 other people. It’s ultimately a less effective job alert.

Instead, take the opportunity to connect, one to one, with professionals that might share your values, your passion and can relate to the mission of your business. Why not let them know why you’ve singled them out…

Hi, [name of candidate].

I saw your profile on HealthyPeople and notice we share an enthusiasm/experience in [population/discipline/training style]. Would you be interested in stopping by to say hello and check out our facility? You can contact me directly on [number/email]. I hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, [name].

Why might this approach be more successful? You’ve addressed the person by their name and identified why they might enjoy working in your facility. You’ve also provided your direct contact details. Their first impression of you is going to be one of respect and making them feel valued – if you’re intention is to stand out among the competition as an employer of choice, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

‘But I need staff now!’ you say. ‘I’ve not time for this.’

If you’ve neither the time nor the interest in a personal approach, just post an ad! We’ve invested a lot of time and money making our job advertising service as effective as possible. We understand direct contact is not for everyone, although we certainly encourage all fitness employers to add it to their recruiting toolkit. Job advertising does have its limitations.

Ongoing recruitment is at the heart of all successful businesses. Regular contact with professionals in your area provides you with the greatest chance to build the most profitable team possible. When you tailor your approach to individual candidates, even those not ready for a role right now may become an easy placement in the future.

If you’re not currently taking advantage of access to the HealthyPeople fitness professionals, create an account or log in at, and head to the MEMBERSHIPS tab.



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