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Important Fitness People; Marietta Mehanni


Following a recent Aqua Fitness forum, we decided we needed to provide a regular voice for all Group Fitness Instructors in our weekly newsletter. To make this happen, we’ve enlisted the undisputed heavy weight in this line of work, Marietta Mehanni, to join our writing team. For those that may not have heard of Marietta (it could happen), the following blog gives some insight into her passion for all things ‘group fitness’.

Marietta Mehanni is an multi-award winning Australian presenter and Australian Fitness Network Ambassador with more than 28 years of teaching experience in both land and water based group exercise. Most recently, Marietta was awarded the 2016 NZ Educator of the year.

Outside of her regular classes and presenting schedule, Marietta is also a…

  • World Master Trainer and Education Coordinator for Gymstick International.
  • ‘Pelvic Floor First’ Ambassador who, working in conjunction with the Continence Foundation of Australia, has been an integral part of the development of pelvic floor awareness in the fitness industry, bridging the gap between physiotherapy and fitness.
  • Adviser to and advocate for Power Music, an exciting platform offering instructors easy access to music and choreography.
  • Co-creator of mSwing, an exercise format that’s suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Program coordinator for seven different health and fitness clubs.

Marietta presents regularly at prestigious fitness conventions both in Australia and around the world, on group fitness trends and programs. This includes the IAFC (USA), SCW (USA), Canfitpro (Canada) and FILEX (AUS).

With many successful years of presenting in the fitness industry, Marietta has now distilled her knowledge into a course for aspiring presenters, providing them with the opportunity to gain skills that will not only prepare them for presenting, but also help with personal development.

Marietta is a vocal advocate for the Group Fitness community;

“Instructors are the most important part of any group exercise program. They give life to the program and help to create the culture in a fitness club. Quality instructor training is, therefore, vital to the success of any group fitness class and overall program.”

Having taught group exercise classes as a full time career, Marietta prides herself on making classes fun, effective and inspiring, applying her knowledge and experience to help participants get the most out of every session.

“I love having different abilities and skill levels in my classes. It challenges me as an instructor to provide a workout that is achievable and FUN! Everyone works out at different levels and have different reasons for coming along to the gym. My wish is to guide and instruct a group of people through a class that will hopefully achieve their individual goals.”

“Group fitness is such a great career, because there is so much diversity – teaching classes which vary from club to club, different music, different abilities and then there is the lecturing, examining, presenting courses and workshops. Not to mention traveling to conventions and networking with amazing people that share my passion.”

OK, it’s not all about fitness…

“Outside of group fitness, my only other passion is food – I love to eat. And when you have a job that pays you to burn calories – why not!”

You can learn more about Marietta and her upcoming courses on her website or on the FITREC LEARNING pages.

Marietta was also one of our first FITREC registered professionals to achieve the maximum FITREC Rating of 300



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