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FITREC is a registration service for the Australian fitness industry.

On a broad scale, we’ve improved transparency and accountability in an effort to inspire greater respect from the general public and allied health professionals.

More immediately, this same transparency and accountability allows accomplished professionals to shine, it provides an effective recruiting tool for industry employers and aids in the management of staff education and certification.

Increasingly, our commercial URL was failing to reflect our greater purpose. 

It is for this reason that we have chosen to use the available .org extension. While FITREC is for-profit in structure (it is a part of HealthyPeople), its operations reflect those expected of a representative organisation.

FITREC income is strictly from registration dues. We do not sell advertising to our database. We do not sell education or education events – we promote opportunities provided by external providers. We do not enter into contra-deals. We do not sell course accreditation. Nor do we sell recognition for suppliers. We take no commission from insurers or any other services.

FITREC provides support for areas beyond our ‘business interests’. We see ourselves as part of the support network for industry professionals and businesses and actively solicit their views and queries. If we cannot help directly, we will refer to providers we believe can provide the most appropriate, specialist support.

All our advice is strictly impartial. We have no vested interest in promoting anything other than the best options for our registered professionals. We clearly state that professionals are free to choose whether or not they become registered. We’ve even provided a registration-free insurance alternative.

Our higher goal is to increase respect for the industry as a whole. This begins with ensuring that FITREC and it’s staff demonstrate the change that we look for in the industry.

We’re giving fitness professionals greater control of their fitness careers. Rather than a closed network, we’ve focused on opening up the freedoms for industry professionals. Including; Removal of proprietary registration requirements like CEC/PDP accumulation; Allowing professionals to define themselves with complete profiles rather than be defined by restrictive or no profiles; Allowing choice of insurer; Allowing all education to be a part of their recognised development; Helping professionals make more informed decisions by providing accurate and impartial information.

FITREC registration is more than just recognition for fitness professionals. We are a group actively working with and for the industry to positively influence the confidence that everyone has in fitness services.

Changing the URL extension for FITREC is not a huge thing, but we believe it better reflects our purpose to site visitors and serves as a reminder to our staff and the fitness industry of our direction.


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