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FITREC – A Registration Service Suited to Group Exercise Instructors.


Registration has long been an essential part of Group Exercise Instruction.

At FITREC we want fitness registration to be more than a tick of approval. Below are key points we associate with being a Group Exercise Instructor along with some ideas as to how FITREC can help (or add value).

Many Group Exercise (GEX) Instructors work for multiple venues.

  • FITREC allows you to include all your certificates (education, insurance, first aid/CPR, WWC and police checks) on your profile. These are available for anyone to view as needed on any device.
  • When you add a new or updated certificate (eg, First Aid/CPR) to your profile, it’s automatically available to all interested employers.
  • Keep everyone in the loop, display all venues you’re working for on your profile.

Looking for new opportunities?

  • Your FITREC profile is designed to be the perfect industry CV.
  • For clarity, at the top of your FITREC profile, you can nominate your specialisation.
  • You can include video (and images) demonstrating your teaching style.
  • With all certificates, experience, achievements and other relevant information available, any employer can make a more informed decision.

Support in returning to the workforce.

  • If you’ve taken a few years out to travel, raise kids, whatever, remember that FITREC registration is available based on your required qualifications only. We do not require CEC/PDP accumulation. We want experienced professionals back in the industry!

Work is often gained via word of mouth and following fill-ins.

  • Your FITREC profile, with its unique link, is easily shared.
  • FITREC profiles include references – Giving you the chance to have multiple industry peers and employers speak on your behalf.

Many Group Exercise Instructors are doing limited classes each week.

  • FITREC provides the ability to pay on monthly debits of $10 instead of ‘in full’, if that helps.

As with all other areas of our industry, Group Exercise is going through some radical change. FITREC’s intention is to make life just that bit easier for Group Exercise professionals, as much as for other industry professionals.

Learn more and join the FITREC community at



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