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Trust = Growth


David Wescon is the Director at Vision Personal Training in Brighton and a long time client of HealthyPeople. I recently heard him speak on the importance of generating ‘trust’ as a leader. I was so impressed, I requested a guest blog. Thankfully, he agreed…

Through managing and leading teams over the last ten years I have made countless mistakes with people and it has cost me BIG time!

On reflection, it has always come to back one thing……. TRUST!

At various times as a Leader, I have felt I have had trust with team members and on other occasions I know I definitely haven’t.

How do you build trust?

Trust comes down to two things: Character and Competence.

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not we are asking our team members to buy into our Character. We need to be credible. They need to Trust us.

So….. What are you about as a Leader? What do you Stand for? Who are you?

Only in the last 12 months have I understood the importance of being able to clearly articulate what it is that I stand for as a Leader.

When I asked myself, what do I stand for? It took me some time to feel certain that I do, and can, maintain the following (especially under pressure);

  • Resourceful Attitude
  • Candid Communication
  • Win – Win Outcomes
  • Ongoing Self-Development

Since documenting and articulating this to my team my credibility has become much stronger. When my team see me living to these standards (especially when I am under pressure) my character – and their trust – is strengthened.

People want to work for Leaders who know themselves. Take some time to think about what you stand for. It can have a great impact on your business. If your team know you, and can see you living to your standards, then trust can be built in no time!

Trust is not just a social virtue. It is an important economic driver. Without trust in your business, things move slower and cost more, wouldn’t you agree?

As business owners we’re learning all the time. Our competency isn’t always at the level required to produce results. We need to continue to learn new skills and implement until we do produce the results required. You need your team to stick by you.

Your shortcomings can always be turned into strengths, but unless your team buy into your character first, they are unlikely to recognise your continuing development and stay the course.

So….. What is it that you stand for?

And can you be held accountable to these standards?

What new skills do you need to learn?

Be motivated to build credibility with your team and at every opportunity refer back to what you stand for. This will aid in building trust and longevity among staff.

You will know when you have trust, things move faster and cost less. And you will have minimal staff issues and increased productivity.

Great leaders have strong characters and continually work towards high competency levels, ultimately fostering the highest levels of trust among staff.

David Wescon

For more on the topic, check out ‘The Speed Of Trust‘ by Stephen Covey.


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