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6 Steps to a Job Winning Profile on HealthyPeople.


How do you ensure that your profile stands out among the thousands of professionals that are using the HealthyPeople service?

1. Add a professional looking PROFILE IMAGE.

Why would we put this first? There is no avoiding the fact that when scanning a list of local candidates or viewing applications for a job ad, a profile picture is noticed long before any summary is read.

Your profile on HealthyPeople is very often the first impression that an employer has of you. Use a professional looking photo to your advantage.

WORTH REMEMBERING – Even if you don’t include a profile picture, one of the first things many employers will do is look for a picture on social media. So why not make sure the first image they see is a good one.

2. Include a SHORT SUMMARY.

What to write? This is a quick introduction to the employer. Just a sentence or two is all you need. For example, “I completed my fitness qualifications at xxx. I’ve no professional experience but enthusiastic about starting my career. My passion is Crossfit and competing in obstacle races.”

With a good summary and professional image, you’re well ahead of the game.


Some roles require specific qualifications, so if you have them, include them. After all, you can’t work as a Trainer or Instructor unless qualified to do so. Whether it’s Cert III, Cert IV, Diploma or Degree, make sure this is on there. It answers an immediate question for the employer. Easily.


While HealthyPeople is focused solely on fitness, there are a range of opportunities that exist under that banner. Make sure your profile shows exactly what role, or roles, you’re interested in INCLUDING the level of experience you have in each role.

NOTE: We advise you restrict your desired job categories to a maximum of three (3).

5. Upload your CV as a PDF.

Why do we insist on a PDF? Because it ensures your CV looks exactly the same for the employers as it did for you when you created it. When sending a document in any other format, there is always the risk that it will not look as you intended. Especially if viewed on a mobile device.

6. A FITREC PROFILE is invaluable.

Fitness registration is not essential but does carry a lot of weight when searching for new opportunities. Not only does your FITREC profile provide more industry-specific details than a CV it also demonstrates to an employer that you are invested in your fitness career.

The more opportunities that come your way, the more easily your fitness career can progress. And by ensuring your HealthyPeople (and FITREC) profiles are as complete as possible, you’re giving yourself the greatest chance to be offered more leading fitness opportunities.



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