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FITREC signals Change, but Change is at the Heart of our Fitness Industry.


FITREC is fast becoming a registration service of choice for fitness professionals. It’s new and it differs significantly from previous providers. For some, a change in the status quo is hard. But the reality is, it’s change that underpins our industry’s growth.

One of the greatest things about the fitness industry is that it’s always evolving.

We see progress as a result of an increased understanding of the human body, the way it moves and how it responds to stimuli. We also see progress resulting from innovation – from both new ideas and old ideas re-imagined.

Les Mills, for example, completely transformed ‘aerobics’ – A transformation that continues with the introduction of virtual classes. 24 hour gyms are now more common than not. Women doing strength training! How many of our grandmothers or mothers see it the way we do. What about kettlebells, CrossFit, TRX and online trainers? All new or unknown years ago, but now mainstream.

We can now tap into the knowledge of the world via a device no further away than our pockets. We’re influenced by people and events from across Australia and all over the world. With all this information, it’s impossible for one group to manage or influence all sources and outcomes.

It’s for this reason fitness registration needs to evolve.

Before the internet, fitness registration provided us with a portal to learning as well as verification of those registered (via a plastic card).

Now, the internet makes it easy to find all the learning we need and, in most cases, with peer reviews to confirm its validity. We can now also to use the internet to create an online profile that best represents our industry background.

FITREC takes full advantage of this new information age, designing industry profiles that allow employers, clients and allied health professionals to enjoy a more complete picture of the education, experience and achievements of a registered fitness professional. FITREC also provides a portal promoting learning opportunities, complete with the ability to see who else has done the course (linking to their profile) as well as any reviews they may have provided.

Our fitness industry is ‘self-regulated’ which, for the last couple of decades, has been interpreted as giving over authority to one group to monitor us all.

In this new information age, we can all contribute to the ‘self-regulation’ process – and it begins with increased transparency and accountability. When selling Personal Training, for example, the ability to show education and work history for each staff member, along with a rating, references and achievements, is going to provide much greater insight than simply ‘registered/not registered’. This ability to clearly articulate the difference between two registered professionals is a huge step forward in generating trust and understanding from both within and beyond our industry.

As a modern registration service, FITREC is intent on improving the respect that the general public and government bodies have for our industry. To make this happen, we need to start with respect for ourselves. For that, we need to start celebrating our differences, encouraging growth and supporting those working alongside us. FITREC provides the means by which we can better understand others within our industry.

Since starting FITREC we’ve grown to appreciate that industry professionals DO value a central registration service. We’ve also learned that it must provide value, it needs to encourage longevity in the industry and most importantly it has to respect its clients.

As enthusiastic as we are about improving things, we appreciate that change is harder for some than others. If you’re the type of person to take things more slowly, please know that when you’re ready to make the change, we’ll be here to ensure your transition to a new industry registration service is an easy one.

Learn more about FITREC at


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