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Bridging the Gap Between the Fitness Industry and General Public.


FITREC is pleased to announce it’s sponsorship of Ian O’Dwyer’s presentations at the 2017 Australian Health & Wellness Summit. We’re also very grateful to report that FITREC professionals receive a $20 discount on the registration fee (contact us). 

With obesity and lifestyle diseases on the increase, maybe it’s time to ask why the fitness industry is failing to have a meaningful impact on reversing this trend?

Why is it that many of the people that would benefit most from the services provided by fitness professionals are simply not viewing us as an important part of their solution?

  • Have we become too out of reach for many of the general public?
  • Are we overly focused on the ‘body beautiful?’
  • Are we too far from the average comfort zone to be considered approachable?
  • And, if any of this is remotely true, how can we turn this around?

This Sunday (2nd July) is your chance to tackle all of these issues, head on.

The 2017 Australian Health & Wellness Summit is your chance to hear industry experts deliver their ideas to help bridge the gap between the industry and general public.

Leading the fitness industry presentations is the highly respected and innovative Ian (OD) O’Dwyer.

Ian O’Dwyer (on FITREC) is a global Industry Presenter and Educator, Industry Mentor, Consultant, Studio Owner and Master Trainer who has created a unique system to recapture optimal movement, realise the importance of play and empower coaches and clients to acquire quality of life.

Also presenting on the day are industry leaders Nathan Quinn, Gareth Houley (on FITREC), Christian (CJ) Jaques, Michelle Wright and Kate Martin

All fitness professionals attending the AHWS will get a copy of all presentations from the Fitness Industry Area PLUS all the Main Stage Keynote Speakers.

Main stage speakers include; Craig Harper, Shannon Harvey, Dr Peter Brukner, Lee Holmes, Caleb McInnes, Dr Helena Popovic, Ian O’Dwyer, Nicole Bijlsma and Dr Robert Szabo.

We hope you’ll join us in Melbourne on the 2nd of July for an opportunity to network with fellow professionals in what will be a very thought provoking and informative day.

At $89 for all presentations ($69 for FITREC) this is a day not to be missed. Purchase your ticket here.

FITREC professionals are advised to contact us for the discount code.

FITREC is a national registration service for Australian fitness professionals. Every FITREC professional has an online profile that shows their education, experience, references and FITREC Rating. If you’d like to know more about your Personal Trainer, or if you’re comparing fitness professionals, simply ask for a link to their FITREC profile. It’s one way that our fitness industry is growing to meet the needs and expectations of the Australian public.


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