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Studio in Brighton to be Given Away!


Hi, folks, this is a rare opportunity. The owner of this established studio is ready to simply hand over the ownership of the business. As ever, please confirm all details conduct your own due diligence.

From the current owner…

“My studio is perfect for an owner/operator with over $30,000 worth of equipment (current re-sale value), current clients training as well as a good email database and Facebook page.”

You can view financials, equipment inventory and images of the studio above.

If you’d like to know more, you can contact the owner on (03)95329333 or email


4 thoughts on “Studio in Brighton to be Given Away!

    • Hi, Christian, as I understand it, the business was originally being sold but the sale fell through. Unfortunately, the owner has started a new role in anticipation of that sale and now is happy to simply pass it on as there is no time to find a buyer and negotiate another sale. Naturally, this is something you can speak to the owner about if interested. Cheers, D.


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