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Turn Fitness Marketing ‘I Shoulds’ into ‘Crushed It’


NPE has helped more than 24,000 fitness businesses in 95 countries grow to the next level. This year at FILEX, NPE Coach Tom Hart will share NPE’s experiences with the ‘6 Stages of Fitness Business Growth‘ and the ‘Fitness Marketing Lifecycle‘. I’ll hand over to Tom to provide an insight into these upcoming sessions…

How long is your list of marketing “I shoulds”?

“I should ask for more referrals.” “I should figure out this technology I bought.” “I should get my name out there more.” “I should be generating more leads from Facebook”

I should, need-to, gotta. The list grows in your brain.

Fitness business owners who successfully make the transition from what we call Stage 3 (10k per month) to Stage 4 (25k per month), from beginning to delegate to establishing solid administrative systems, from being tied to the business to having some freedom– do marketing differently.

We at NPE have seen tens of thousands of companies grow out their businesses. The ones that crush it use a marketing system that eases the brain-bandwidth- sucking “I shoulds” and turns them into “OK, here’s the next step to execute.” Or even better: “Crushed it!”

We call our system the Fitness Marketing Lifecycle.

The Fitness Marketing Lifecycle is your action plan to drive in leads consistently.

Here’s a taste of the kind of takeaways we’ll offering in our sessions…

Steps to attract prospects. Most fitness professionals start with networking and referrals – and that’s great. To grow your business, your action plan will include steps ranging from social media to in-person workshops and more.

Nurturing prospects until they’re ready. Hint: It involves a calendar and freeing yourself up to block out regular time. You’ll always have a higher priority, but picking up the phone and motivating prospects to take on their health goals gives you an instant competitive advantage.

The one metric that will determine the success (or failure) of your business. And we’ll show you other key metrics successful marketing programs will need to drive.

Consultation keys that save you (and prospects) time and energy. This is your sales program to convert prospects into customers

The “deliver and satisfy” formula. The key to it all: value. How client experience, relationships and results all work together.

The biggest mistake fitness professionals make in their marketing program. We usually guess wrong about customers’ fitness goals. We love the gym. Prospects may learn to, too. But their goals at first often are very practical– get off medication or have more energy; reduce their pain levels.

The misunderstanding about upselling that reduces opportunities to serve the customer. Upselling is a crucial part of the Marketing Lifecycle because customers will expect you to be on the lookout for their additional needs, whether nutrition or equipment.

Go from “I should” to “I can.” Grow your business to the point where you’re driving in more than 25k/month with 10% net profit, and get some free time for yourself.

Your execution of the marketing lifecycle will make all the difference. Come prepared to our FILEX session and we’ll give you the tools you need to crush it.

Join Tom at FILEX on Friday morning for the “The 6 Stages of Fitness Business Growth” on Friday 28 April at 8:30am and Saturday 29th April at 3:15pm for “The fitness marketing lifecycle.”


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