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A New Measure for Professional Development in our Fitness Industry.


The ability to find learning opportunities suited to the development of your fitness career has taken a huge leap forward with recent updates to our FITREC Course Search Tool.

We’ve made it possible to see a list of recognised professionals that have completed a specific course and link through to their FITREC profiles.

This gives any professional the opportunity to see which of their peers are attending a certain course and how this might relate to their own career development.

In addition, course reviews and ratings can be added by any professional – regardless of whether that professional’s FITREC profile is active.

Reviews are not a new thing, but providing a single source of peer reviews from identifiable professionals with industry registration is.

This provides transparency, accountability and context for fitness education that improves on traditional ‘points accumulation’ assessment.

For the course providers, we hope you’ll see this as a significant addition to the FREE promotion currently available to all industry providers.

How does it work?

  • A course certificate or qualification must be added to an active FITREC account for the profile to show up in a list of those that have done the course.
  • The course certificate or qualification must also be added to a FITREC account (active or inactive) for a review to be possible.
  • Reviews from non-recognised professionals (with a FITREC account) will populate the list of reviews for a course, but in place of the FITREC rating they’ll have an ‘UNRECOGNISED’ badge and there’ll be no ability to link to their profile.

We look forward to putting more focus on the value of education and celebrating those professionals that are actively investing in their ongoing development.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

To learn more about FITREC (our industry registration service), head to


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