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Introducing Gareth Houley – and fascia.


Gareth Houley, Movement Coach with Human Fitness and Performance, is one of the leading presenters at FILEX 2017. His talk ‘What the Fascia?!’ will address the growing interest in fascia as an integral part of our physiology and how we can use this knowledge to benefit our clients. Take it away Gareth…

Since 2009, fascia has been a big part of the work I do in helping clients move. My initial interest was sparked by the book, Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers, which was essential reading for a course run by PTA Global.

Over the last 45 years, we’ve seen an enormous increase in research articles published about fascia. From an average of 200/year in 1970 to almost 1000/year in 2010. This five-fold increase in research demonstrates the belief many have, that increasing our understanding of the structure and function of fascia can help fill a number of gaps in our scientific knowledge.

However, the interpretation and application of scientific research to the general population is never an easy task.

Application of this research to the benefit of your clients is at the heart of my upcoming FILEX presentation. This is a chance for you to learn about the findings of recent studies and how the results will influence the way we approach our sessions.

Specifically, you’ll learn about programming to help clients to enjoy pain-free movement. You’ll be improving your clients’ sense of well-being and you’ll learn how movement does this via specific neural pathways from the tissue to the brain. You’ll also learn how attention to fascia in programming can lead to significant improvements in athletic performance.

This is a perception shifting session! Come along to learn how to integrate fascia into the world of movement to the benefit of every client’s health and performance.

Hope to see you there! What the Fascia?! (code BD4), Sat 29 April, 3.15-430pm

Gareth Houley, Movement Coach –


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