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Making Work Experience Work for RTOs, Employers and Students.


An example of the new work experience profiles on HealthyPeople. Note ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ on the ribbon at top right, ‘Student’ near the name and the RTO logo next to the job categories. Note also the link to the student’s FITREC Student Profile.

In a recent post about how changes to fitness education will impact on recruitment, one of the key recommendations was that employers embrace the opportunity to take on work experience students.

HealthyPeople has since been modified to make it easier for students looking for work experience to find willing employers and for employers to tap into new local talent.

HealthyPeople has been promoting professionals for more than 11 years. Using this service to help RTOs and students connect with employers for work experience is a logical extension.

This service is FREE for the RTO and the student (normally $25/promotion) and a free inclusion for employers with a HealthyPeople Business Membership.

How does it work?

Students simply click the ‘looking for work experience’ link when logged into HealthyPeople.

They enter their unique RTO code which automatically assigns the correct logo. The job categories are automatically populated with ‘Fitness Instructor’ and ‘Personal Trainer’.

  • Work Experience Promotions are emailed to all local employers.
  • Profiles for Work Experience candidates then spend two weeks at the top of candidates search results.
  • This process can be repeated as often as needed.

Students can link out to their FITREC Student Profile. These profiles give employers more detailed information about that student, helping them make more informed decisions about the student’s suitability for work experience within their facility.

To minimise potential confusion with our listed qualified professionals… 

  • WORK EXPERIENCE is noted in the ribbon instead of the usual ‘PROMOTED.’
  • Professional is identified as a Student near their name to further ensure no confusion with qualified PROMOTED professionals.
  • In place of experience, the RTO logo is included. This links out to the RTO site (or any other page as required).


Employers please note, you can exclude Work Experience candidates from your search results. Simply uncheck the ‘Show Work Experience Candidates’ box in the search tool.

If you are an RTO or an employer and you have any questions about this service or any other offered by HealthyPeople and FITREC, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.


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