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Spresa Vella Launches MEP


We don’t often cover product launches on the HealthyPeople blog, but for Spresa Vella, I’m happy to make the exception.

Spresa has been coaching club owners to success for many years. Most recently building and fine tuning her Member Engagement Program – a means by which club owners, managers and Personal Trainers can reduce client attrition and build a more stable membership and client base.

As of this week, Spresa has launched the official MEP website.

For those that have not yet heard of MEP…

  • MEP has been on the market for 2 years – Began in November 2014
  • Clubs that applied MEP verbatim saw cancellations fall by an average of 10% per month with the best results being 59% year over year comparison.
  • Personal Trainers grew their businesses by an average of 2-3 clients per week
  • New Trainers benefited the most as they struggled to “sell” themselves reaching 25-30 clients by week 10.
  • Personal Training client attrition decreased
  • MEP Mentoring helped Trainers with their ability to have more engaging conversations with members and the ability to introduce Personal Training as a service
  • MEP mentoring also helped give Trainers the confidence to ask for the “sale”

Along with the beautiful new website, the MEP E-learning platform makes the most of new technology, providing users with an engaging and interactive approach.

Before undertaking the MEP program, it’s essential for participating businesses (club or Trainer) to undergo a Business Engagement Analysis. This includes…

  1. One on One session to analyse the engagement level of your business.
  2. A review of your current business structure and practises, followed by a summary of opportunities to connect and engage.
  3. Change management analysis; How good are you/your business with change?
  4. Review the trends of the past 12 months of net member movement and retention.

As the saying goes ‘What gets measured, gets done’. This engagement analysis on its own will provide considerable insight into where some of the ‘low hanging fruit’ might be found in your business.

BONUS FOR OUR PEEPS: Spresa is offering HealthyPeople and FITREC clients a complimentary Business Engagement Analysis (normally $500) PLUS 10% off the MEP On-Boarding Start up fee (first 4 weeks).

Want to get started? 

Spresa has monthly intakes, currently limited to 10 per month to ensure program effectiveness and quality. Reach out to Spresa here.


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