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Coach Tuck’s Wrap Up of the 2016 TRX Trainers Summit in Athens.


It’s a pleasure to introduce a new guest contributor to the HealthyPeople blog. Coach Tuck is an accomplished Strength & Conditioning Coach and the Director of a training facility in Wollongong NSW. He’s also a presenter for TRX and recently spent a few days in Athens for the TRX Trainers Summit. Thank you to Dominic dos Remidios of PT Academy for the introduction. 

The 2016 TRX Trainers Summit was recently held in Athens, Greece at the Olympic velodrome stadium. 170 international fitness professionals mostly from Europe and the UK plus 40 TRX Master Trainers, including myself were in attendance.

The two-day summit commenced on Friday night of the 14th October with a meet & greet dinner, drinks and collection of TRX goodies packs (TRX UnderArmour tee, day pack, water bottle, notebook & pen).

Saturday morning began with the TRX ‘I Will’ workout. The ‘I Will’ workout was set up with 4 stations utilising a broad range of training tools that included; Battling Ropes, Kettlebells, Wall Balls and TRX Rip & Suspension Trainers. Attendees worked in pairs with Partner A working, Partner B coaching set up. Each station comprised of a power, strength and conditioning exercise set to a timed work to rest ratio.

After the morning workout, the trainer summit “Cracking the Code” began. It was put together and run by TRX Master Trainers and included six key topics:

  1. Movement Preparation
  2. Explosiveness & Power
  3. Strength
  4. Conditioning
  5. Reload
  6. Putting it all together

Essentially, the summit was an in-depth analysis of TRX’s approach to structuring training sessions with athletes and clients.

Saturday night was a dinner with all the attendees, during which TRX creator Randy Hetrik gave a speech on the origins of TRX. This included insight from his days in the US Navy SEALS, completing an MBA at Stanford College and the growth of TRX Training over the past 10 years.

Sunday morning was a super early rise to catch a train and climb the Acropolis to see the sunrise! Back on the train to the velodrome to complete the final education sessions for “Cracking the code”.

Sunday afternoon saw everyone head to the Olympic stadium for the TRX FACEUP Games (check the video below). This involved attendees breaking up into teams to complete challenges consisting of the Long Jump, Team Relay, Tic-Tac-Toe, Ball Toss, Aerial Yoga and Tug-O-War. The end of the FACEUP games brought the trainers summit to a close.

Keep an eye out as I’m sure that we’ll be running “Cracking the Code” at future summits.

On Monday, I joined the rest of the TRX Master Trainers to catch up with Chris Frankle (TRX Head of Human Performance) who provided a hands-on demonstration of the new TRX Duo Trainer along with a heads up on the future direction of TRX Training.

Modelled after gymnastic rings, and in conjunction with Mobility WOD, the TRX Training Duo Trainer has been designed to allow the ability to perform (among other things) dips, pull-ups, and muscle ups, making it the perfect compliment to the TRX Suspension Trainer.

What do I like about the TRX Duo Trainer?

  1. The Duo has flat wooden handles that don’t require a false grip (user-friendly)
  2. Great pushing tool that provides the right amount of stability (via two anchor points v’s single anchor point) for developing strength.
  3. Vertical Pulling with the ability to create torque at the shoulder by a corkscrewing motion of the handles
  4. Vertical Pushing exercises such as dips & isometric hollow holds.
  5. Open chain exercises – unable to hide any unbalances or weaknesses

One of the key focuses for TRX Training in the future is going to be in designing exercise programming prescription education for trainers. This will complement our existing programs where fitness professionals learn TRX’s movement-based training curriculum for the TRX Foundational Movement Coaching system. This will help Trainers move better, train better, & ultimately coach better, no matter what training tool they’re using!

If you’d like to stay up to date with TRX Training I regularly post updates on my social media fan pages Coach Tuck and Instagram coach_tuck. If you’d like to book into any of our upcoming TRX education courses, head to the PT Academy site.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming course. Let’s Make Your Body Your Machine!

Coach Tuck


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