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Here’s One Reason Why Your Ad’s Not Getting the Results It Used To.


The above graph from Seek shows that the availability of fitness roles (pink line) is increasing at a rate that exceeds the average across all jobs (black line) over the last nine years. That means more competition for good industry professionals.

Which means, we need to re-think our reliance on job advertising alone.

Job ads are always going to be a great way to get all eyes on your role, but the days of sitting back and waiting for applications to roll in is almost over.

The good news is, HealthyPeople has put a lot of work into making candidates available for you to get in touch with. By all means, keep job advertising as a tool, but in between ads, begin packing your recruiting pipeline with a network of professionals that you would want on your team. Who knows, you may never need to advertise again.

Log in to HealthyPeople and start connecting with professionals for as little as $99/month.


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