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Trainer Spotlight – Maty Agostino, Goodlife Fountain Gate

Thank you to Pete Gleeson (National Fitness Director, Goodlife) and ‘Smick’ (Fitness Director, Goodlife Fountain Gate) for sending this through. 


Meet 19 year old Maty Agostino!

An old head on young shoulders. Maty is a Fitness Professional at Fountain Gate who started at the ripe ol’ age of 17. He grew his business from 0 clients and 0 sessions per week to 25 sessions per week in a matter of 12 weeks.  Being a constant smasher of the phone, ringing non-attendee members to get their butt back into gear, has seen Maty successfully grow a team of driven clients that thrive on results. Maty’s genuine care and soft nature endear him to all members and his clients’ in particular value this.

All was well, young Maty, flying… until Late 2014 a suspected brain tumour would bring his Personal Training endeavors to a crashing halt. Taking a few weeks out to medically right the wrong, with a seemless doesn’t-break-stride attitude we saw Maty back in the club regenerating his PT business and back up in front of 35+ sessions.

While constantly being monitored over the past 2 years, he is fit, healthy and a positive influence in the Team.  Maty has also taken 30+ people through 4x 12WC’s & 1x Acceler8 Program, in which he has a client that shed 50kgs.  Did we mention that he now passes his knowledge onto the new business operators at Fountain Gate by taking the Training and Development sessions and guiding potential Fitness Professionals through Work Placement duties.

Maty’s favorite quote:  Just f’n do it!

We are proud to have Maty on board! Thank you for your energy and service!

Congratulations Maty, you’re an inspiration. It’s a pleasure to share your story here.


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